14k White Gold Hammered Cuff Bracelet - Recycled Gold - Hammered Gold - Eco Friendly - Made to Order

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I made this bracelet from 100% recycled gold. This is natural white gold and is not rhodium plated. High polish hammered finish.

I poured the gold into an ingot and rolled it out to a flat bar, then I hammered it into this comfortable "C" shape which fits nicely and is comfortable to wear. It is so comfortable to wear, you will forget you have it on until you glance down and see it's simple elegance.

Weighing in at 18.4 grams this is a prize bracelet. This bracelet is approximately 8mm to 9mm wide.

I can make this in White, Yellow, or Rose gold. You can choose the metal you would like at checkout.

Because this bracelet has been hand hammered into its form it will retain its shape, the gold is hardened and strong, making a durable lifetime heirloom to be cherished and enjoyed.

The edges of the cuff are irregular but smooth, which shows how the gold was rolled through the mill and expanding to create an undulating line suggesting how the metal moved as it was stretched and formed. Hand wrought beauty and uniqueness are what this cuff is all about.

This bracelet will fit a women's Medium 2.25 inches in diameter. If you are concerned about the size, you can send me a bracelet that fits your wrist or draw a line around the INSIDE of a cuff you have that you like and I will shape this one or make you a special bracelet of those exact dimensions. If your wrist is 6 to 6.5 inches around this bracelet will fit you.

Message me for pricing on a smaller or larger size.

I can use your old gold to make this bracelet as well.

Also available in men's sizes.