White Topaz Diamond bezel set emerald alternative Gemstone Ring 14k White gold Engagement Ring Unique Ring Bride Ready to Ship

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Beautiful and sparkly White topaz in a 14k white gold ring. This ring holds a 9mm x 7mm Emerald cut White Topaz. HIgh hand polish finish.

The nice thing about White Topaz is that it is harder than quartz.

Mohs scale:

Diamond 10 hardness

Corundum (sapphire) 9 hardness

Topaz 8

Quartz 7

Magnificent sparkle, hard enough to hold up to everyday wear and a nice alternative gemstone.

I have bezel set this white topaz and the ring rises 6.5mm above the finger.

Matching wedding band coming soon, send me a note for more info.

Also available in Yellow gold, and Rose gold.