White Pearl Solitaire Ring in 14k Yellow Gold, One of a Kind, Organic Free Form Ring, Cultured White Akoya Pearl, Ready to Ship Size 8

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One of a Kind Pearl Ring

This ring features an organic free-form 14k yellow gold cup that holds a 6.5mm white cultured akoya pearl. The pearl is set inside the organic gold cup on a 14k yellow gold post, so it is safe and secure. The band measures 3mm wide and 1mm thick. The pearl rises a comfortable, but dramatic 8.5mm above the finger. The 14k yellow gold free-form cup measures approximately 10mm wide.

This ring is made by taking gold that I am going to recycle and heating it up in a crucible to its melting point. When it is a hot liquid I pour it carefully and slowly into a deep icy cold bath/bucket of water- this is one method of cleaning recycled gold and removing impurities. Normally this results in the gold forming a bunch of small pebble type shapes. On occasion, I am left with one of these amazing free form cup shapes. I reserve these for special rings which I make to hold a pearl. I solder these rare forms onto silver or gold bands to make this type of ring.

It is a simple, but stunning ring that is perfect as a non-traditional engagement ring, June birthstone gift, or as an addition to any ring collection.

Available in a brushed or high polish finish, please specify at checkout.

Each one is unique but similar.

Ready to Ship Size 8

Made with Recycled 14k Yellow Gold.

Customer review of this ring:

"Oh wow...beautifully designed ring....I love it!"