Silver Gold Organic Pearl Ring, 14k Yellow Gold and Sterling Silver Ring, One of a Kind Ring, Ready to Ship Size 8

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One of a Kind Ring.

This ring is made from sterling silver with a 14k yellow gold free form cup which holds a 10mm cultured freshwater pearl. The pearl is set inside the organic gold form on a white gold post so it is safe and secure. The silver band measures 4mm wide. The pearl setting rises 11mm above the finger. The freeform gold cup measures 17mm (approx. 11/16") wide.

This ring is made by taking gold that I am going to recycle and heating it up in a crucible to the melting point. When it is hot and liquid I pour it carefully and slowly into a deep icy cold bath/bucket of water. This is one method of cleaning recycled gold and removing impurities. Normally this results in the gold forming a bunch of small pebble type shapes. On occasion, I get one of these amazing free form bell shapes. I reserve these for special rings which I make to hold a pearl. I solder these rare forms onto silver or gold bands to make these rings.

I make them with grey or white pearls or different gold and silver combinations. Feel free to ask for custom designs with this piece.

Customer review of this ring:

"Oh wow...beautifully designed ring....I love it!"

Ready to Ship Size 8

The third picture shows this ring paired with a solid gold stacking ring. Perfect ring on its own or stacked!