Infinity link gold chain,14kt yellow gold chain necklace

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I made this 14kt gold chain from recycled yellow gold. I added a small amount of 24kt gold to the batch to make sure the karat was increased to a full 14kt. The gold was poured into a bar, then rolled in a rolling mill, then drawn out to round wire. The wire was then formed into oval shapes and twisted and soldered to make the links. Each link varies as each one is hand made from wire, not a mold. The links have a hammer texture. The links are connected by two rings so it lays and stays flat on the neck when it is worn, it does not twist


This is a true labor of love. I enjoyed making this necklace and I think it is a stunning piece of jewelry that will be a timeless signature piece you can wear for years to come.

The total length of the chain is 19 inches. The links are 1" in long. The weight of the chain is

22.3 grams.

The nice thing about this chain is that the clasp can hook into any of the circles so the chain could be worn any length with the extra links dangling down the back. Very versatile and very durable, heirloom quality piece of jewelry.

Let me know if you need any adjustments.