DNA Double Helix Earrings in Sterling Silver dangle earrings

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Double Helix DNA earrings 1.5 inches of shimmering, curving silver.

My Studio Notes:

Quality: I select Argentium Silver because it is non-tarnishing because it is fine silver alloyed with Germanium instead of copper. It gives your Double Helix DNA earrings the elegant high luster you are looking for.

Artist’s Choice: The plain lever back is secure and comfortable. (Have you ever had a French hook earring go missing?) This secure back costs a wee bit more than a French hook and it is worth it!

Design Inspiration: Thanks to the work of brilliant scientists we know the importance and significance of DNA. In 1953 they studied X-ray diffraction patterns to reveal the double helix structure of DNA. This shape - which looks much like a twisted ladder - gives DNA the power to pass along biological instructions with great precision.

This exquisite interpretation of the DNA double helix structure will delight science lovers and truth seekers alike!

Hand finished and hand polished by me …at a high altitude in Colorado. ♥