14kt yellow gold hammered hoop earrings with lever backs and pure Quartz Briolette drop

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These lovely earrings are handmade from 14kt yellow recycled gold and are about 1 3/4 " total length from the top of the lever back wire. I have hammered them to get a beautiful reflective texture and hand polished them to a high lustre. The circle is about the size of a dime. I have used lever backs because they are very secure and comfortable to wear. The plain lever back compliments this modern design. Hanging from a fine gold wire are two beautiful pure quartz briolette in a checkerboard pattern. All over sparkly with these dramatic earrings. Exquisite and classic!

The last photo is a picture of the material I start with to make these earrings. The gold bar is recycled gold which has been melted and poured into an ingot. Then the gold ingot is rolled through a rolling mill to get the square wire shape. The tungsten draw plate is then used to pull the wire down to a thread size in order to go through the quartz briolette drop. I carefully solder this wire together, it is a bit of a trick soldering thin gold wire next to a gemstone. Needless to say these are expertly crafted and because the gold wire is soldered together, I would expect these quartz drops to stay on forever.

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These are also available in white gold or rose gold.