14k Yellow Gold Cuff Bracelet, Solid Yellow Gold Bracelet, Handmade Gold Bracelet, Textured Gold Cuff, Recycled, Ready to Ship Bracelet

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I made this bracelet from 100% recycled gold. I added a small amount of recycled 18kt to the 14kt to make sure it tested 14kt.

I poured the gold into an ingot and rolled it out into wire, drew it through a round draw plate, soldered, hammered and finished. It is so comfortable to wear, you will forget you have it on until you glance down and see it's simple elegance.

Weighing in at 11.4 grams this is a great bracelet. It is a 5mm wide cross peen hammered texture. I can make this in white gold also.

Because this bracelet has been hand hammered into it's form it will retain it's shape, the gold is hardened and strong, making a durable lifetime heirloom to be cherished and enjoyed.

Ready to Ship in 14k Yellow Gold. I can make this cuff in 14k rose or white gold as well, please allow 3-5 days to make before shipping.

This bracelet will fit a women's medium size wrist. If you are concerned about the size, you can send me a bracelet that fits your wrist or draw a line around the INSIDE of a cuff you have that you like and I will shape this one or make you a special bracelet of those exact dimensions.

Convo me for pricing on a smaller or larger size.

1. Bracelet calculate your size range: Find a piece of string or cut a strip of paper about a 1/4″ wide.

2. Wrap the string/paper around your wrist just below the wrist bone. The fit should be snug but not tight.

3. Mark the string or paper where it overlaps to form a complete circle around your wrist.

4. With a ruler, measure the length of string or paper to determine your wrist size.

Wrist Size ( inches) Recommended Size

6.0 - 6.5 S - Small

6.5 - 7.0 M - Medium

7.0 - 7.5 L - Large

7.5 - 8.0 XL - Extra Large