14k gold hand forged bangle bracelet hammered brushed gold bracelet

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This bangle is made to order. I can make it in your size by determining the diameter of the bangle that fits your hand. A bangle that has an inside diameter

2 3/4 " is a large

2 1/2 " is Medium

2 1/4" is Small

This 14kt yellow gold bangle weighs 10 grams. I can use your old gold or make one from recycled gold. If you have a bangle you like that fits well measure the inside diameter and let me know. I always alloy my recycled gold up to karat by adding either 18k or 24kt gold to make sure it meets federal karat regulations. This bangle is stamped 14kt gold. If you would like a bangle in a higher karat gold I can make it for you.


Otherwise I can help you with the measurements and the size you need. I resize my jewelry for free so that is not a problem either. Bangles are sold by weight so if this one is a little too heavy or too light a weight let me know and I can make a lighter or heavier one for you.